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Another one of the benefits of NeurOptimal® neurofeedback that must be highlighted is what we call “Peak Performance”.

The aim is to make a greater and better use of our potential in order to operate more efficiently and, thus obtain improved results.

The perception of the effectiveness of the treatment occurs in various phases. At first, many people experience changes in the first few sessions. It’s a matter of attaining the optimization of the neurological and psychological functions such as focus, concentration, stress control, etc. gradually and throughout different sessions.

The advantages most often highlighted are the following:

- Mental clarity in decision making
- Improved focus
- Better concentration
- Decrease in the number of errors
- Greater creativity
- Improved memory
- Quicker learning
- Greater resistance to stress
- Greater performance
- Greater resistance to exhaustion (burnout)
- Reduced anxiety/terrors
- Deeper and more easily obtainable relaxation
- Better psychological wellbeing
- Greater self-confidence/ self-esteem/assertiveness
- Better self-control
- Ability to relate better with others
- Development of emotional intelligence...