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In order to learn something, we need to use the right hemisphere of the brain more, but when we reach a certain level of skill, these activities become controlled by the left hemisphere of the brain.
For example, when someone is learning to drive, they need all their senses and it seems that they will never be able to do everything at the same time: The clutch, managing the gears, the compulsory stopping at a stop sign and to top all that the driving instructor asking questions... However, with time, not only can one drive around town without becoming stressed but also listen to music, talk to the passenger and talk on the phone as well ( obviously on the hands-free set!) without going through a red light.
Why does this happen? Because it is when such a level of learning has been achieved, (as far as driving is concerned) that the left hemisphere has automated this learning. And this is fantastic because it allows us to do various things at once without becoming stressed and  without thinking about each step that we’re going to take, BUT  this automation of most of our daily activities, although making our lives easier, also means the death of many of our neurones since we don’t make use of them.
Routine is our neurones worst enemy but there is a simple remedy: Train them. In the same way that we go to the gym to stretch the muscles of our body, we can train our neurones with simple “cerebral gymnastics”.
Take a look at this presentation. Your neurones will appreciate it.

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