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Who can benefit?

Generally, all those who want to improve their abilities and wish to achieve a high level of performance, will benefit from NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback. For each challenge, each goal and each decision that a person takes on the path to success, he/she will be certain that the two parts of the brain, the creative (right) and the logical (left) will be efficiently interconnected so as to attain excellence. Being able to rely on a brain functioning at Peak Performance can make the difference between SUCCESS and failure.


More specifically, the following professional people can derive great benefit from NeurOptimal® sessions:

- Sportsmen (Golf, tennis...)
- High level athletes
- Doctors/ nurses
- Writers
- Businessmen
- Pilots
- Students/exam candidates
- Artists

Research suggests that 90% of people noted a significant positive change in all their abilities and consequently obtained a higher level of performance in all areas. Also an increase in IQ was observed. In this respect, children with learning difficulties in reading and mathematics, etc.   benefit from these sessions because learning implies effective communication between specific areas of the brain and NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback will improve coordination and communication between those areas of the brain associated with learning.

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These NeurOptimal® Neurfoeedback sessions are particularly advantageous for children or adolescents who are undergoing a period of intensive learning. Hence, many parents wanting to give their children the opportunity of functioning better at home, at school, and therefore in interpersonal relationships, will benefit from giving their children NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback sessions.

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